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Core Values

The core values that make up our beliefs are embedded in our own logo.


InTekrity (Integrity and Technology)

Having a strong moral conviction with integrity and passion for the services and technology provided to our clients. Discipline - Following procedures and standards and not cutting corners. Passion - When employees have passion in their workplace, they believe in the company – not just what it produces, but how it operates, how it treats its people, and how it engages with the community at large. Honesty - Being honest to the team and the client.



Working as an effective team through communication, accountability, and adaptability to overcome challenge and grow through adversity. Growth - Nurturing personal and professional growth for our team and our technology partners. Communication - Being open, concise, and consistent with all external and internal communication. Accountability - Being accountable for the work being performed and owning the process once comitted.



Developing a strong relationship with clients through persistent communication, empathy, and high quality of service provided to our clients. Empathetic - Working with technology may be difficult at time. We understand this and are here to ease our clients through the pain of dealing with IT issues. Persistent - Issues can be persistent, we are even more persistent and will commit our team to resolving issues to make our clients productive again. Responsive - Sometimes it is not about resoving the issue. It is about being responsive and providing peace of mind through speed of service and follow through.

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